Kate Gosselin; Mother of the Year!

Almost everyone knows the drama surrounding Kate Gosselin, the question is though, does she deserve it?

Kate Gosselin and her husband Jon had a show together called “Jon and Kate Plus 8” that followed them around in their day-to-day lives raising eight children. Jon and Kate then went through a very public divorce in December of 2009. (check the link if you are one of the few people on this planet who have’t heard about them)

After the divorce there are pretty much two sides; those who love Kate, and those who hate her.

The ones that love her argue that everything she had done since the divorce is to help the kids. She left the kids at home with nannies while preforming on the television show Dancing With The Stars.

She did that because she needs money to support the eight kids. Jon is currently without a job and is having to sell his car just to try and provide child support.

The fans that hate Kate, however, say that she is most importantly a mother and that she should be at home with her kids.

Kate has had a rough time since the divorce which was initiated by Jon so I feel as though she deserves to be given a break more than most people.

If I were to be hired to create a PR campaign for Kate I would go back to the basics. When Kate was on the show “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” no one talked about how she was publicizing her children’s (and her own) lives for money.

I would recommend that Kate drops the idea of the upcoming show, Twist of Kate. She intends to fly around the country and meet families and listen to their struggles and try to walk a mile in their shoes.

I understand that Kate still needs a way to earn money, which is why I believe a show with just her and her kids will provide both the satisfaction that she is being a good mother, and money to live off of.

This plan can easily backfire, however. My plan is not a 180-degree change. It’s like an 100-degree change. She will still be in the spotlight so this may not be enough change for the critics.

This plan is very simple, but I believe that it would be very effective. It would show only truth in the way her life is and therefore abiding by the PRSA ethics code. (If you don’t believe me, check for yourself! – If you find something I didn’t I will gladly fix my campaign)

I think Kate can come out as the winner in her fight with the bad publicity she’s been getting. She deserves to look like the wonderful mother she always has been, and with a little work, she can!


~ by erinnhesse on April 26, 2010.

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