Disney, My Own Fairy Godmother

Disney movies raised me to become a well-rounded individual, with good morals, and a sense of dignity that is hard to dispute.

Before you start arguing me saying that Disney is sexist, racist, and all around bad , let me say my side.

I know that Disney movies have hidden pictures (take a look if you don’t know about them) that would make some parents blush if they knew they were showing their child them. I know that they always have a damsel in distress relying on the man to save them. I know that Disney has only one princess that is black. I know it has faults.

The thing about all of those faults is that I didn’t realize it till I became an adult.

When I was younger, the thing I realized was that Belle stood up for the beast, her friend, when the entire town was against him. I realized that the mirror told the truth and said Snow White was the most beautiful, no matter the consequence. I learned to always keep my head high, and that everything turns out alright from Cinderella. Almost every movie taught me the underdog comes out on top, and that good triumphs evil.

Can you honestly tell me any of those ideals are a bad thing to believe growing up?

I am not some naive girl that thinks that Disney is the only reason I turned out to be a good person. I know that I wouldn’t have become the person today if it wasn’t for my parents. My parents watched the Disney movies with me. They pointed out the lessons to be learned.

There is a common belief that seeing is believing.

My parents could have just as easily sat me down as a child and said, “Hey, be a good person. Don’t steal, lie, fight, or doubt yourself.” They could have said it, and I wouldn’t have listened to a word they said.

By watching the movies I saw the outcomes of the holding those morals so close to them. That is how I learned.

Yes, you can still argue it gives a false set of ideals, and that every girl thinks a guy needs to save them. But did you realize that when you were a kid? or did you come up with that idea as an adult?

I didn’t realize it till I grew up, and yeah, maybe I can  point out some more flaws. The thing is, though, that those values disney taught me are so ingrained in me, that they will never go away.

I watched the movies, and probably thought I needed a guy, but I had no problem transitioning into believing that I could do anything on my own, without a guy, as I grew up.

So, I will say it again with a little revision: Disney  movies raised me to become a well-rounded individual, with good morals, and a sense of dignity that is hard to dispute, thanks to my parents.


~ by erinnhesse on March 28, 2010.

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