Life in 2035


Welcome to planet Earth! Can I take your order?

We have a special today on customizable husbands and wives, and dogs that lick away any dirt in your house. All you have to do is touch here with your finger and your monetary funds will be quickly and easily transferred.

Anything is a touch away on planet Earth! When a small chip is placed in the tip of all newborn babies’ pointer fingers they are given a ID number, phone number, and bank account.

If you want to call someone, place your finger to your temple. If you want to buy something, go online and touch the picture, or swipe your finger at the store.

No more lost credit cards.

With new and improved technology, crime is reduced to a minimum. Identity theft is gone, and theft in general has disappeared. With the tracking devices put into every human, and non humans, fingers companies can easily track who was carrying their products out of the store by what chip was holding it.

Everything is earth-friendly.

For Earth to continue to be the most inhabitable planet in the solar system, it is crucial that everyone does his or her part in keeping it healthy. All products legally sold are biodegradable, or has an earth friendly way of being destroyed.

For the products that are illegally sold, there are special departments of the government that specialize in the hunting down of the products.

If you have any questions on the laws and technology, please go to the visitor center in Baltimore, Maryland. To get there you need only to jump on the A Shuttle and go till the end of the track; approximately a 10 minute ride from anywhere on the planet.


1. Everyone is to attend an approved school, and later obtain an approved job
2. Every house and yard must be maintained
3. If you have children, one parent must quit their job
4. Only 2 children are allowed per family
5. Children are allowed to live with their parents till 20, then must start their own lives
6. There should only be 10 hours per week designated to entertainment
7. Once the age of 70, every person must move to an approved retirement home
8. These rules and any other rules the committee seems fit must be executed properly or there will be severe consequences

Technology has slowly taken over. Every thing a human is allowed to do, and not allowed to do is dictated by a committee of robots, to better serve the whole.

The robots in the committee were programmed to protect society, to keep the values society treasured safe, and to keep order.

So what could go wrong? — Everything.

The robots control the people so much that they can’t do anything out of their own free will. Every person has lost their individuality and meshed to the “ideal person” the robots seemed fit.

There are no artists, dog walkers, babysitters, or even chaffers. Every person can do that by his or her selves. No luxuries are ever to be had and everyone is completely equal.

There is no reason to try and achieve more. There are no goals, dreams, or hopes. The world has a bleak outlook other than the norm.

So this is my question to you in 2010; Was it worth it?

Was it worth having the ease of technology, to have to give up all sense of individuality?

My Take:

Being the optimist I am, I think life in 2035 will be only an improvement from the way life is today.

I believe that there will be a huge change in the technologies we have today, but I don’t think they will be overwhelming.

Technology is quickly becoming a bigger part of day-to-day lives and I don’t see a reason to believe that it will overcome us.

Sure, we won’t be able to go 15 minutes without coming in contact with some form of technology, but who cares? If it’s not hurting us then no harm no foul.

Before I go on, take a look at this video.

I agree with a lot of the points, but others seem a little far fetch for me. Like I said earlier, I believe that we are going to be using technology constantly through out the day, but what I don’t believe is that everyone will conform to using JUST technology.

I know too many people that enjoy the outdoors for purely being there. Taking in the sights, sounds, and smells will once day be all easily replicated, but I think there will be many who stand against it.

Other skeptics of the future think that we will ruin the world we live in. I think that there are too many hippies out there that love green products to let that happen (most likely because my mom is one of them).

There are so many groups of people on this planet that no matter what technologies we have, there will be some against it and I think that we will all balance out.

With that said, what I think will happen to communication is about the same. I think that the people in the industry will adapt and find new ways they are needed to advertise, or report what’s going on.

At least that’s what I hope, otherwise I’m going to need to find another major.


~ by erinnhesse on March 27, 2010.

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