When Media Attacks!

How do you REALLY spend your days? I wrote down an hour-by-hour journal of what I did, and the mass media I came in contact with, and it was disgusting.

When I’m waking up, when I’m going to sleep, and when I’m doing homework I have the television on, and if not the television then music. I tried thinking of an explanation of that to give to all of you, and I got nothing other than I need the background noise. If you ask me why I need the noise, I wont have an answer for you.

television shows, movies, music (either my Ipod or the radio), facebook, and texting were all repeated in my day.

Do I really need to see the latest pictures of my friends? Had they changed that much since I last saw them? No.

Do I need to listen to the radio when it plays the same 5 songs over and over again? I couldn’t count the number of times I heard Hey, Soul Sister by Train or Blah Blah Blah by Ke$ha. Even though I hear the songs so many times, I turn the radio on every time I’m in the car or the shower.

Facebook is one of those things that I love to hate. The idea of it is revolting to me, why do I need to know what my friends are always doing, and why do they need to know what I’m doing? Have you ever heard of a sense of privacy? Before this experiment I already had my pictures blocked from the public and even my friends, but after this I almost want to delete my facebook all together, but I can’t.

I can’t because I want it. I could give you the bologna excuse that I can ask friends about homework assignments through it, or check on how my family is doing, but it’s a lie. Those are both perks, but its mostly because its entertainment.

Through those two days of writing down everything I do I realized that all of it is for entertainment. Does my generation really need that much help being entertained? I like to think that I can keep myself busy on my own, but the truth is that’s a lie.

When I think of a stereotypical elder (most likely my impression from movies, since I know I have never had this experience myself) I imagine them yelling at kids because when they were a child they would entertain themselves with picking up a soup can then knocking it over again.

Sitting here thinking about this while I’m writing, I guess there is really no harm in the fact that I like to be entertained. That’s probably a good thing since I doubt it will be changing anytime soon for myself, and everyone remotely close to my age.

I wish that I could find soup cans interesting, not because I want to give up on society and all the great inventions it has, but just for the pure satisfaction that I would know that I’m self reliant.

If the world goes through some catastrophe and mass media is knocked out, what would we do?

So that leads me to my Mass communications assignment; go two days without mass media.


~ by erinnhesse on February 17, 2010.

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