Communication; The Evolution

Figure out this; What is the most endangered species on the planet? It took me, at the most, 30 seconds to find out the answer. Since 1970, the Black Rhino population has declined by 90% to less than 3,000 rhinos. They are hunted primarily for their horns. Trade of Rhinos and rhino parts has been banned for more than twenty years. Although having banned trading of the species, there still continues to be a great demand for these animals. Why would anyone want to know this fun fact? Maybe just to have the knowledge, or maybe they had a school assignment on the animal. Whatever the reason, it was easily accessible thanks to the internet and the personal computer. I watched Media History, the Story of Film, Television and Media, a movie created in 1998 in my mass communications class yesterday. The history of mass communications started when there was practically nothing. The only way to spread and receive information was by word of mouth. To not be able to find out information at the drop of a pin seems almost frustrating to me since I have never had a time in my life when I couldn’t. Being born in the 90’s meant that I never had a time of my life where I could have access to a computer, and inevitable the internet. Growing up my father was an electrical engineer so we had three computers running, and normally one or two that he was working on building. This movie drew a picture of a time that was completely foreign to me and really made me realize how privileged all of my generation is. The movie not only focused on the beginning of Mass Communications but also progressed to the invention of the printing press which allowed reproduction of exact copies that could be distributed from one to many. After the printing press there was the telegraph, telephone, radio, and television. All of these inventions can be used for retrieving information but if that is all we had now I believe that our generation would be bored a lot more often. Everyone I know my age easily relies on the telephone, radio, television, and even game systems and VCRs/DVDs to entertain them at any points of their day. Mass Communication’s leaps and bounds at creating an easier world has made it so that everything we need is within arms reach and to imagine anything else isn’t done by many so watching the video in class was a nice reminder of how nice life really is.


~ by erinnhesse on January 28, 2010.

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