Celebrities Demand Respect

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News agencies are constantly trying to get the inside scoop of what is happening in celebrities lives, and sometimes even twist the truth to do so.

The fact is that creating news isn’t just completely unfair to celebrities, but it is against the Public Relations Society of America’s(PRSA) code of ethics, which states “[As PRSA members we agree to] adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and truth in advancing the interests of those we represent and in communicating with the public.”

An example of a Newspaper pushing the limits of truth was last year involving celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

According to Times Online, Ramsay won a Libel (a published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation) suit against The Evening Standard, a London newspaper.

For those of you who watch the show, or just want to read about it check it out! It starts talking about the suit in paragraph ten.

For those of you who just want a brief summary, here it is:

Chef Ramsay’s reality show consists of him going into failing restaurants, pointing out their flaws, and then he tries to help them improve.

The Evening Standard accused Ramsay of  appointing an incompetent chef and then invented disasters in the kitchen in a stunt to prove that Ramsay’s expertise was required.

Ramsay won the suit in a UK court and was awarded $138,000 in damages by the newspaper.

I completely agree with Ramsay wining the case. Just because he is in the public spotlight doesn’t mean people can just accuse him of whatever they want.

I know what you are going to say – “Oh poor celebrities, they have it so tough. BooHoo” but its true in this case!

Ramsay didn’t do anything wrong. If the restaurant didn’t think they needed help then they wouldn’t have gone on the show, so it doesn’t make sense that Ramsay is making up the situations.

So my final opinion is: Enjoy the $138,000 Ramsay, and if you ever want to cook for me, I’m available for dinner!


Kate Gosselin; Mother of the Year!

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Almost everyone knows the drama surrounding Kate Gosselin, the question is though, does she deserve it?

Kate Gosselin and her husband Jon had a show together called “Jon and Kate Plus 8” that followed them around in their day-to-day lives raising eight children. Jon and Kate then went through a very public divorce in December of 2009. (check the link if you are one of the few people on this planet who have’t heard about them)

After the divorce there are pretty much two sides; those who love Kate, and those who hate her.

The ones that love her argue that everything she had done since the divorce is to help the kids. She left the kids at home with nannies while preforming on the television show Dancing With The Stars.

She did that because she needs money to support the eight kids. Jon is currently without a job and is having to sell his car just to try and provide child support.

The fans that hate Kate, however, say that she is most importantly a mother and that she should be at home with her kids.

Kate has had a rough time since the divorce which was initiated by Jon so I feel as though she deserves to be given a break more than most people.

If I were to be hired to create a PR campaign for Kate I would go back to the basics. When Kate was on the show “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” no one talked about how she was publicizing her children’s (and her own) lives for money.

I would recommend that Kate drops the idea of the upcoming show, Twist of Kate. She intends to fly around the country and meet families and listen to their struggles and try to walk a mile in their shoes.

I understand that Kate still needs a way to earn money, which is why I believe a show with just her and her kids will provide both the satisfaction that she is being a good mother, and money to live off of.

This plan can easily backfire, however. My plan is not a 180-degree change. It’s like an 100-degree change. She will still be in the spotlight so this may not be enough change for the critics.

This plan is very simple, but I believe that it would be very effective. It would show only truth in the way her life is and therefore abiding by the PRSA ethics code. (If you don’t believe me, check for yourself! – If you find something I didn’t I will gladly fix my campaign)

I think Kate can come out as the winner in her fight with the bad publicity she’s been getting. She deserves to look like the wonderful mother she always has been, and with a little work, she can!

Budweiser; Advertising Champions

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To be a great advertiser it is important to advertise through as many different outlets as possible to reach as many people as you can.

A golden example of this is Budweiser. They have billboards, radio commercials, television commercials, and many catchy slogans.

When you think Budweiser most people could most likely come up with multiple advertising campaigns they have had. They have the Budweiser Clydesdales, the “Real Men of Genius”, drinkability, and the frogs that went “Bud-Weis-Er.”

I named all those of the top of my head so I’m sure if I spend five minutes online I could think of a few more.

All of those advertising campaigns, especially the Clydesdales, have been shown during many Superbowls. The audiences that watch football often are beer-drinkers, which is the exact group of people Budweiser is trying to get the attention from.

Not only does Budweiser advertise during football games, but morning radio. Driving to school, back in the day, I remember the “real men of genius” commercials that were probably one of the only good things about getting up at 7a.m.

They also turned those radio commercials into television commercials and I think it’s worth taking a break to watch at least one of them (If you like this one I highly recommend watching a few more on youtube!).

To add on to everything else they have, Budweiser also have billboards that can be viewed at anytime through out a day.

Budweiser’s target audience is anyone over the age of 21.  The frogs that went “Bud-weis-er” that I talked about earlier were accused of being cartoon-like and appealing to kids. Budweiser did the responsible thing and got a new marketing campaign, and moved on.

Even though they may have their failed attempts, you really can’t knock how well they promote their product.

So here is to you, Budweiser, Real advertisers of genius.

In Times of Need, Read a Book.

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Now, to some of you reading a book when you are in a time of need seems a little bit silly. There are so many things going on in your life that you feel as though you don’t have time to sit down and read, but I say bologna.

My Dad passed away in September of last year. It was the biggest thing to ever happen to me. I had always considered myself very lucky because I hadn’t lost many people in my life, but losing my Dad blew that thought out of the water.

My Dad was on a business trip in Australia when he passed away, and it was very unexpected. His co-worker that was in Australia with him said he had been complaining that he had a pain in his stomach, and he went to make a doctors appointment for my Dad while he went to lay down in his room.

When his Co-worker went upstairs my Dad had already passed away.

Beyond the stomach pain there was nothing that would have given us an idea that my Dad was anywhere near death.

We had my Dad autopsied because his death seemed so unreal to all of us and we needed to know why. We still don’t know exactly why he died, but the doctor told us that it was a fluke of the heart and something just didn’t do what it was supposed to do.

He also told us that my Dad had severe liver cancer and that it had spread to his lungs, and that if he hadn’t died of the heart fluke, he would have died very painfully within a few months.

I’m the type of person that when something bad happens, I need to deal with it on my time and when I’m darn well ready to. I took the time off from school that I needed for the funeral and viewing, but after that it was easier for me to push it out of my mind till I can actually deal with it.

What I did to do that was read books.

I read a few books and they were often love stories or adventures. One of the books more specifically was The Last Song, by Nicholas Sparks.

The book was becoming a movie, and was advertised on television all the time. I had read a few of Spark’s other books, so I figured why not give it a chance.

For those of you who haven’t read it, it’s about a father who tricked his daughter and son into spending the summer with him (since he had divorced his wife and moved away three years earlier).

(CAUTION: The next two paragraphs will ruin the ending, so skip them if you are planning on reading it!)

They spent the summer together and the Dad worked on his relationship with his kids and eventually won them over, before he got so sick that he had to tell his kids that he was dying of cancer.

The book then goes on to talk about the daughter staying with her father through his fight with cancer and seeing him as he withered away to his death.

Before this book I never really thought about how lucky I was. I know that sounds so stupid considering what had happened, but it was true.

My family didn’t have to see my Dad go through all that pain, because he didn’t feel any pain.

He was a proud man, and to admit to us that he was going to die would have broken his heart on top of everything.

I had a great relationship with my father, which had only gotten better the last summer he was alive. My Mom was went on a few college trips with my sister, so my Dad, brother and I got to spend time together that we hadn’t ever before, and he didn’t trick me into it.

We began to make cheese together; we started brewing beer together; and became more than just father and daughter, but friends.

The Last Song had a huge impact on my life. Sure, while reading it I hated it because no one had warned me what it was about, but I’m glad they didn’t because I got to realize how lucky I was.

If any of you have gone through anything similar, or even if you just want to read a good tear-jerker, I would highly recommend this book!

Disney, My Own Fairy Godmother

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Disney movies raised me to become a well-rounded individual, with good morals, and a sense of dignity that is hard to dispute.

Before you start arguing me saying that Disney is sexist, racist, and all around bad , let me say my side.

I know that Disney movies have hidden pictures (take a look if you don’t know about them) that would make some parents blush if they knew they were showing their child them. I know that they always have a damsel in distress relying on the man to save them. I know that Disney has only one princess that is black. I know it has faults.

The thing about all of those faults is that I didn’t realize it till I became an adult.

When I was younger, the thing I realized was that Belle stood up for the beast, her friend, when the entire town was against him. I realized that the mirror told the truth and said Snow White was the most beautiful, no matter the consequence. I learned to always keep my head high, and that everything turns out alright from Cinderella. Almost every movie taught me the underdog comes out on top, and that good triumphs evil.

Can you honestly tell me any of those ideals are a bad thing to believe growing up?

I am not some naive girl that thinks that Disney is the only reason I turned out to be a good person. I know that I wouldn’t have become the person today if it wasn’t for my parents. My parents watched the Disney movies with me. They pointed out the lessons to be learned.

There is a common belief that seeing is believing.

My parents could have just as easily sat me down as a child and said, “Hey, be a good person. Don’t steal, lie, fight, or doubt yourself.” They could have said it, and I wouldn’t have listened to a word they said.

By watching the movies I saw the outcomes of the holding those morals so close to them. That is how I learned.

Yes, you can still argue it gives a false set of ideals, and that every girl thinks a guy needs to save them. But did you realize that when you were a kid? or did you come up with that idea as an adult?

I didn’t realize it till I grew up, and yeah, maybe I can  point out some more flaws. The thing is, though, that those values disney taught me are so ingrained in me, that they will never go away.

I watched the movies, and probably thought I needed a guy, but I had no problem transitioning into believing that I could do anything on my own, without a guy, as I grew up.

So, I will say it again with a little revision: Disney  movies raised me to become a well-rounded individual, with good morals, and a sense of dignity that is hard to dispute, thanks to my parents.

Facebook- Friend or Foe?

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If I were to take a poll of how many people have heard of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or any other social networking site, I could already tell you the results. EVERYONE has heard of them, and most participate on at least one of them, if not more.

Social Networking is defined as “internet web sites that allow users to create personal profiles, upload pictures, create lists of favorite things, and post messages to connect with old friends and meet new ones,” according to my all-knowing Media and Culture textbook.

Through some research I found a question that I feel really is the main question social networking boils down to: “Is social networking socially enhancing or socially isolating?”

If you want to take a look at the site I found on this topic, feel free.

There are many pros and cons of social networking (as you can see, if you go to the site *hint*).

The pros they discuss are staying connected, meeting new people, and conduction business. I think these are all pros, but also cons.

Staying connected is great, but there is no need for me to stay connected with someone I met at a party one night, that I will never see again. Yet, most of the time after a party you will have at least a few friend requests waiting for you the next morning.

Now, let’s talk about meeting new people. I know there are wonderful fairytale stories of people meeting online and falling in love, but for every story that ends happily there is one that ends horribly.

Rapists, and other criminals can easily pretend to be someone they aren’t and take advantage of the fact that you cant see them online. This is a worrisome thought for adults, but also for kids who don’t know any better, and are merely to trusting at their age.

Conducting business I actually don’t have many conflicts with. Although it loses the people-to-people interactions that I find to be a fun part of business, it does open the markets to wider audiences, which could end up really helping out the economy one day.

Not only is it affection business, but communications. Newspapers, magazines, TV shows, Movies and more can now all be found online. I don’t think this new phenomena will kill the communications market, but it will definitely have a huge impact that will make companies have to adjust to the new demands.

The cons the site talks about are social depression, loneliness, and depression. To me that all basically means that by spending our time on the the computer and our phones looking at pictures of people we don’t know, and having conversations without seeing the others face, completely kills our social skills.

We spend time looking at people instead of being out in the real world, meeting new people. Sure, we can meet people online, but that just brings me back to my point that you can never really trust someone you meet online.

Talking to someone on the computer is completely different that in person. If you disagree, feel free to argue me, but I believe there won’t be too many of you.

When you are talking to someone via texting, IMing, or Facebook-ing you have time to sit and think about what you are going to say. When you get thrown back into the real world you loose your quickness to respond and often think too much about your response when it should just come naturally.

So, after hearing my argument, tell me what you think.

Is online social networking socially enhancing, or socially isolating?


Life in 2035

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Welcome to planet Earth! Can I take your order?

We have a special today on customizable husbands and wives, and dogs that lick away any dirt in your house. All you have to do is touch here with your finger and your monetary funds will be quickly and easily transferred.

Anything is a touch away on planet Earth! When a small chip is placed in the tip of all newborn babies’ pointer fingers they are given a ID number, phone number, and bank account.

If you want to call someone, place your finger to your temple. If you want to buy something, go online and touch the picture, or swipe your finger at the store.

No more lost credit cards.

With new and improved technology, crime is reduced to a minimum. Identity theft is gone, and theft in general has disappeared. With the tracking devices put into every human, and non humans, fingers companies can easily track who was carrying their products out of the store by what chip was holding it.

Everything is earth-friendly.

For Earth to continue to be the most inhabitable planet in the solar system, it is crucial that everyone does his or her part in keeping it healthy. All products legally sold are biodegradable, or has an earth friendly way of being destroyed.

For the products that are illegally sold, there are special departments of the government that specialize in the hunting down of the products.

If you have any questions on the laws and technology, please go to the visitor center in Baltimore, Maryland. To get there you need only to jump on the A Shuttle and go till the end of the track; approximately a 10 minute ride from anywhere on the planet.


1. Everyone is to attend an approved school, and later obtain an approved job
2. Every house and yard must be maintained
3. If you have children, one parent must quit their job
4. Only 2 children are allowed per family
5. Children are allowed to live with their parents till 20, then must start their own lives
6. There should only be 10 hours per week designated to entertainment
7. Once the age of 70, every person must move to an approved retirement home
8. These rules and any other rules the committee seems fit must be executed properly or there will be severe consequences

Technology has slowly taken over. Every thing a human is allowed to do, and not allowed to do is dictated by a committee of robots, to better serve the whole.

The robots in the committee were programmed to protect society, to keep the values society treasured safe, and to keep order.

So what could go wrong? — Everything.

The robots control the people so much that they can’t do anything out of their own free will. Every person has lost their individuality and meshed to the “ideal person” the robots seemed fit.

There are no artists, dog walkers, babysitters, or even chaffers. Every person can do that by his or her selves. No luxuries are ever to be had and everyone is completely equal.

There is no reason to try and achieve more. There are no goals, dreams, or hopes. The world has a bleak outlook other than the norm.

So this is my question to you in 2010; Was it worth it?

Was it worth having the ease of technology, to have to give up all sense of individuality?

My Take:

Being the optimist I am, I think life in 2035 will be only an improvement from the way life is today.

I believe that there will be a huge change in the technologies we have today, but I don’t think they will be overwhelming.

Technology is quickly becoming a bigger part of day-to-day lives and I don’t see a reason to believe that it will overcome us.

Sure, we won’t be able to go 15 minutes without coming in contact with some form of technology, but who cares? If it’s not hurting us then no harm no foul.

Before I go on, take a look at this video.

I agree with a lot of the points, but others seem a little far fetch for me. Like I said earlier, I believe that we are going to be using technology constantly through out the day, but what I don’t believe is that everyone will conform to using JUST technology.

I know too many people that enjoy the outdoors for purely being there. Taking in the sights, sounds, and smells will once day be all easily replicated, but I think there will be many who stand against it.

Other skeptics of the future think that we will ruin the world we live in. I think that there are too many hippies out there that love green products to let that happen (most likely because my mom is one of them).

There are so many groups of people on this planet that no matter what technologies we have, there will be some against it and I think that we will all balance out.

With that said, what I think will happen to communication is about the same. I think that the people in the industry will adapt and find new ways they are needed to advertise, or report what’s going on.

At least that’s what I hope, otherwise I’m going to need to find another major.